TitleGabrielle's Closet
Series Infon/a
GenreLBGT Time Travel Romance
Publish dateMay 1, 2023

What is the secret hiding in Gabrielle’s Closet?

Sarah Lawson was doing just fine. She had a job she enjoyed as an investigative reporter for her hometown paper, good friends, and her meddling but loving family. Proudly independent and driven to succeed in her chosen career, she has no time for romance.

But then in a drunken moment she performs a spell from a found book, and finds herself propelled backwards in time to Paris during the Second World War.

Stuck in the past, Sarah has no choice but to rely on her new friend Gabrielle Dumas to navigate the terrifying landscape of occupied Paris. Black markets, curfews, and Gestapo agents are the least of her worries when she realizes she is falling in love with the woman who saved her from harm.

When she finds a secret door hidden in the depths of Gabrielle’s armoire, it leads to a whole new set of troubles Sarah never expected.

Will Gabrielle turnout to be the woman Sarah thought she was? Will Sarah be able to find her way home? Will she even want to?


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Gabrielle's Closet