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Welcome to “Crooked Cove Mysteries”, a new series of cozy mysteries set in the idyllic seaside town of Crooked Cove on the Caribbean island of Mahina Cay. Our first book, “Cocktails and Casualties”, introduces you to Teddy, the charismatic bartender turned amateur sleuth who must solve a murder in her new town. 

Join Teddy as she mixes up drinks and hunts down clues in this thrilling debut novel. With its vibrant characters, tropical setting, and page-turning plot, “Cocktails and Casualties” is the perfect book to kick off the “Crooked Cove Mysteries” series.

So sit back, grab a drink, and get ready to solve a murder in paradise. Reserve your copy today and join Teddy on her quest for justice in the first installment of our exciting new series.

Cocktails & Casualties


Teddy Aarons is a nomad, using her bartending skills as an excuse to move to a new luxury resort with each change of the season. But when she finds herself stuck on the remote island of Mahina Cay, she finds refuge in the quirky little Township of Crooked Cove.

Crooked Cove is a village of expats from various countries, and the people are welcoming, but she only intends to stay long enough to make the money to get off the island and back to her real life.. However, when one of the village’s most distinguished citizens turns up dead, it’s up to her to either solve the case or become a permanent resident of the slammer!

With her new friend Jasmine and retired attorney Nate on her side, Teddy will do whatever it takes to shake out the truth and stir up the real killer to clear her name.  Will she manage to keep herself out of lockup, or will she end up under the influence of the Mahina Cay Prison?

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Published reviews for Carly's work

(Marissa's Muse) "I'm impressed that this is Ms. Wayne's debut novel. I can't wait to read more of her work."
Rafe Jadison
(Cocktails & Casualties) A fun setting and engaging characters puts this new cozy mystery series debut at the top of the “Not To Miss” list!
(Marissa's Muse) A great read that I thoroughly enjoyed and have no hesitation in recommending.
Book Reviewer
(Marissa's Muse) This book had me laughing and crying and I HAD to know what was going to happen next and how it all would end.
Rebeccah Adkisson
Book Reviewer & Blogger

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