True love sometimes means sacrifice

Marissa Byrne is satisfied with her life. She is in her forties, happily single, and a graduate student at a local college. So, when she gets hit on at a restaurant bar by a man young enough to be her son, she is flattered but definitely not interested. Unfortunately, she made a promise to her best friend that she would accept the next date offered her.

Finn is not what she expected. Sexy, gallant, and visiting from Ireland, he presents the perfect opportunity for her to enjoy a few dates and then move on. But then she falls head over heels for the man from across the pond.

What will she do when she realizes that loving him could destroy his happily-ever-after?

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Marissa's Musen/aRomanceJuly 19, 202011440,0022,452 kb9798522410254

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Marissa's Muse

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