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Carly Wayne Announces New Serialized Works-in-Progress Available for Beta Reading on Kindle Vella

June 23, 2024 – Carly Wayne, acclaimed author known for her captivating storytelling and richly developed characters, is thrilled to announce that her latest works-in-progress will be available for beta-reading in serialized form on Kindle Vella. This exciting venture will allow readers to engage with Carly’s new stories in a unique and interactive way, shaping the narrative as it unfolds.

How Kindle Vella Works

Kindle Vella is a platform designed for serialized storytelling, where readers can enjoy stories one episode at a time. Here’s how it works:

Serialized Episodes: Readers can access Carly Wayne’s stories in bite-sized episodes, making it easy to enjoy a chapter whenever they have a moment.

Tokens for Episodes: The first three episodes of any story are free to read. After that, readers purchase tokens to unlock subsequent episodes, offering a flexible and affordable way to follow the stories.

Interactive Features: Readers can leave a thumbs-up on episodes they enjoy and, most excitingly, participate in polls at the end of each episode. This interactive feature allows Carly to gather immediate feedback and lets readers influence the direction of the story.

Join the Beta-Reading Experience

Carly Wayne invites readers to become beta-readers of her new works-in-progress. As beta-readers, fans will have the unique opportunity to shape the stories by answering polls at the end of each episode. Additionally, Carly encourages beta-readers to share their thoughts and feedback directly via email at be******@ca********.online. This direct line of communication will ensure that readers’ voices are heard and can play a significant role in the development of the narrative.

“I’m incredibly excited to share my latest stories in this serialized format,” said Carly Wayne. “Kindle Vella offers a unique way for readers to interact with my work, and I’m looking forward to seeing how their feedback and ideas will shape the final stories.”

For more information and to start reading, visit Carly Wayne’s website.

About Carly Wayne

Carly Wayne is a celebrated author known for her engaging novels and strong character development. Her works span multiple genres, captivating readers with compelling narratives and vivid storytelling. With this new venture into serialized storytelling on Kindle Vella, Carly continues to innovate and connect with her audience in exciting ways.

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