Camp Nanowrimo

Sometimes writing a novel or short story can get lonesome. That’s one reason why I look forward to the Nanowrimo events three times a year.

In April and July the folks at host Camp Nanowrimo, a month long cyber-retreat for writers. For 30 days you can be a part of a passionate community of writers. You can create your own camper’s lodge or join one that is already set up, enjoy writing sprints, get advice from publishers and authors, tips from your camp counselors, and even attend in-person writing events in your local community. Camp Nano lets you create your own writing goals for the month in a less stressful environment.

The main event is in November, which is National Novel Writers Month, and where Nanowrimo got its name. In November, writers are challenged to write a minimum 50,000 word novel (first draft) from start to finish. It is not as easy as it sounds, but it is a fun way to kickstart your writing and get some words down on that dreaded blank page.

So, head on over to and sign up!  Look under the community section and join the group Scribes of Calliope to write with me and my friends! (BTW…Calliope is one of the Greek Muses, who presides over eloquence and epic poetry!)